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Check out the NeuroChallenge Foundation WebsiteNeuro Challenge is dedicated to the fight against Parkinson Disease. They serve as an information source for patients, families and friends interested in discovering ways to live full and rewarding lives by:

  • Publish educational materials
  • Coordinate volunteer efforts
  • Manage our regional care centers
  • Produce seminars and conferences
  • Maintain community interest forums
  • Lead support groups
  • Fund patient services
  • Fund desperately needed research         _________________________________

    Also, please take a look at our In the News section.  We have partnered with ABC7 to bring you the most updated medical information and you also get to see our doctors be interviewed explaining the latest medical breakthroughs and  choices  and treatments.   ________________________________

    We have compiled a list of additional links to provide you with the most updated information on different neurological conditions and disorders. 

    Alzheimer's Disease



     Multiple Sclerosis



    Helpful tips and support 
    information for Caregivers:

    Caring for Alzheimer's patients

    Caring for Epilepsy patients

    Caring for Multiple Sclerosis patients

    Caring for Stroke patients

    Parkinson Disease